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  1. johnblaid

    New battery...starter relay clicks like when bat is dead

    I'm working through the charging system on an 1986. So far I need a new stator, a new voltage regulator, and a new or rebuilt starter motor. I have a new battery that shows over 13 volts when fully trickle charged but when I turn the key on there is this clicking sound that cars make when the...
  2. Jayhawk

    To ride like a bat out of Hell...

    You gotta look the part, right? :rofl_200: Batman Dark Night motorcycle suit
  3. maleko89

    Bat the Penguin

    Smack the Penguin---great stress reliever! This could keep you occupied for hours. It's certainly a way to get rid of your aggression. It is also really good for improving hand-eye coordination and timing. So, how far can you smack the penguin? Click to make the penguin jump and then...