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  1. vmaxcruzer

    USMC Bday

    Happy birthday boy's. Semper Fi.
  2. MBreinin

    So, it is my B-Day on Thursday...and I am getting myself this...

    .....toy. I wonder how much fun this thing is going to be? I sold my RZ this weekend because it was too uncomfortable. It will probably feel like a Gold Wing in comparison to this torture device. I guess I won't have any problems pulling wheelies on this thing. :biglaugh: Yeah, I will be...
  3. Lew L

    B-day thanks

    Thanks to the "FORUM" for the b-day wishes. Never thought I would make it to 59 years. :eusa_dance: Yah, I'm one of those old farts who like to go fast and is addicted to acceleration.:rocket bike: And BTW: BLACK is the fastest color!!!! Lew