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  1. THMAX98

    carburator bungs

    I did the ultimate sin and bought a Vulcan and didn't ride THMAX for a few years , now that ive seen the light again and sold the Vulcan ive found that the carbs need a bit of a birthday,to clean out the jets ive had to remove the 2 rubber bungs ,now these bungs have gone as hard as and...
  2. S

    Carburator Flooding

    I recently purchased a 2006 w/13k miles. I removed, cleaned and put "New" Airflow Adjustment screws in and mounted the Carbs: When I turn the key I hear the pump come as usual, but Gas overflows out of the long hose that's attached to top of Right/Rear (as you sit on bike) Carburator. Can anyone...
  3. J

    dripping carburator questions...

    I have an 85 vmax with stage 7 carbs. I bought it from someone last summer and he had the carbs rebuilt and it didn't drip then, but I let it sit over the winder so 5 months. It starts right up. All 4 carbs drip gas. I can see a float sticking but all 4. I tapped on the inside side of each...
  4. A

    Carburator cleaning ultrasone?

    If the carburators need to be cleaned, does did need to be done ultrasone? or are there other ways do do this?
  5. D

    carburator coughing

    Hello, I've done the "shot gun", synchronized the carbs, and currently running sea foam in the fuel. At low gear and rpm, I'm still getting a "cough". I took the air box out and watched what was happening. If you look straight down, and turn the throttle a little, the needle and...
  6. M

    Carburator Vaccum

    Hello guys, I have a question for you: First let me tell you that I actually have tried multiple times to buy a Carbtuner, but the suppliers keep canceling my orders because im so far away (South America - Chile) So I'm trying something different, In another forum a friend suggested to use...
  7. Okie2ee

    Carburator Issues

    I have an 86 VMax which has been sitting for the past 4 months. It was running pretty good when I parked it. Now it will not take any throttle opening at all when I start it, it dies immediately. I can get it to rev up if I keep it fully choked and work it up to high revs where it runs...
  8. firefly

    Need an old none functioning carburator

    Need an need ________ wholesale vaporizers