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  1. D

    Parked Vmax VS 96 Civic

    Well last week, some jack-hole backed into my Max at work. Pushed it off the stand and it fell over on the left side. Lucky for me, a co-worker saw it, the guy stuck around, and had insurace. So the adjuster came by Monday, and now I just have to wait for the finance company to endorse the...
  2. Shuriken

    Round 2: Hyundai Elantra vs Honda Civic

    4 door sedans: MPG - about the same Power - comparible Reliability - debateable Size - about the same Features - not the same Safety - not the same Some of the pros about the Civic (IMO) are that it is proven and reliable. Some of the pros I think I've found about eh Elantra is that it is...
  3. mabchewy

    Honda Civic

    Anyone interested in a '94 4 door Civic? It has a salvaged title. The engine that is in the car just blew a head gasket. I have another complete engine that has a burned valve. Would like to get rid of the car and second engine together. Car was a daily driver until this happened. Has power...