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  1. S

    Oil coolers as radiators.

    Most of the coolers I can find are -10 inlet size...5/8". I'm guessing this is too small for the cooling system....or is it ??? Coolers with larger inlets are like 4 times the price....I could get 2 & get new larger fittings welded on and still save big $$$$. Thoughts please.....
  2. S

    Using oil coolers as radiators

    Any reason why not ? They will be brand new so no contamination issues. I've researched and found that 19 row,235x50mm matrix coolers hold 0.38l. The max rad is 0.75 so 2 of these will be just over. Fittings and dash size will be same bore as max rad. Only question is flow rate....I can't...
  3. RagingMain

    Oil Coolers???

    Just wondering if anyone has tried or thought about using one of these If it was used the small coolant line used to drain the radiator could be routed to the cooler and back to the radiator leaving the valve in the open position it...
  4. wishchong

    Vmax oil coolers for sale

    Have a set of ACTIVE twin oil cooler for pre 95 vmax. Selling of at USD$800 only excluding shipping.