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  1. Falaholic

    Harley dealers will not be able to sell merchandise with Confederate Flag

    Just heard that all Harley dealers are to pull all their Confederate flags from their show rooms, and to stop selling merchandise depicting the flag.
  2. E

    Two 2009's on ebay from dealers.

    For thoes who said they would wait and catch one on the floor at a dealer for a steal of a price think again. One dealer is opening the bid at $17,990. The other has a buy Now at $24,000.00 The good thing is they are comming in. Hopefully someone on here will take delivery soon. Click on the...
  3. M

    Are there any good/honest dealers out there?

    Hi All. Why I always manage to find the worst dealers I don't know. I just had a very annoying thing happen to me, and tomorrow I'm going to go and complain to the mgr and see what happens. Ok, here's the story: I buy a used Vmax from a local dealer (we'll say dealer A), and the salesman...
  4. VikingD

    Aftermarket Parts Dealers?...

    Anyone can tell me if there are any aftermarket parts dealers? After 22 years it can't just be what they offer at the dealership or on the yamaha website. For instance 87-93 mustangs have aftermarket parts and dealers who make parts just for the 5.0s. Now that I am sure I have over explained...
  5. Jayhawk

    Good dealers in DFW area?

    If I'm not able to find that sweet deal on a good used V-Max pretty soon, I'll end up with a new bike. Having not dealt with any local Yamaha dealers, I thought maybe some users in the area would be able to recommend a good dealer, including one with service guys that know their stuff on the...