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  1. Bad_Max

    Disturbing shots of a Canadian 09 that burnt in shed fire..

    These pics are very disturbing to look at, but luckily his insurance is covering it. The shed he kept it in caught fire and burned to the ground last night.. :(
  2. R

    very disturbing Harley video

    My friend gave me this link. Warning...this guy is messed up!! And needs some clothes :surprise: Ride free, ride hard...uhhhh ride naked..LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z85UzJ2Nd6A
  3. firefly

    Just a reminder to ride safe!!! very disturbing

    We all talk about how fast max is and how fast we can ride until we see something like this then we get numb and scared. Its not how fast you can ride its more like how long will you continue riding and enjoying motorcycling & open air freedom. accidents do happen BUT the higher the speed the...