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  1. Miles Long

    Ditch The Donald, but.........

    .....regardless of who else wins the White House (even Hilary), make THIS your First Lady! Cheers! https://ca.style.yahoo.com/post/140292772435/from-g-strings-to-caped-coats-melania-trumps
  2. gunrunner

    09 Vmax + roadworks + ditch =

    It doesnt seem to be that bad but apparently it wasnt insured . Owner had 1 month stay in hospital .
  3. gunrunner

    An 09 airlifted from ditch

    I was spose to meet up with this lady 2 weeks ago that had got the 09 on 24th dec . Went round and no one home , had an email form her say i wont be home for awhile . Learnt from a site here the vmax had just been run in and that she could give it some power , then i here she got caught in loose...
  4. QuarterHorse

    You have forward controls and want to ditch 'em?

    I'm wanting a set. This bike cramps me up too bad to care about sport riding it. I'll buy a sport bike if I want to do that. I need to stretch out the legs. So that being said, I'm looking for some forward controls. Thanks fellas.
  5. G Man

    Rider freezes and takes ditch

    Classic... H-D rider makes the big pass, then gets scared and freezes causing them to simply drive into a DEEP ditch. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4206826673549984946 Hope they were o.k..