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  1. Fire-medic

    Maybe I found a replacement for my 360 Yamaha Enduro two-stroke

    289 lbs fueled, a titanium gas tank of 2.01 gallons, titanium intake valves & 450 cc, 12:1 compression; water-cooled; fuel-injected; DID rims (21" F & 18" R); Renthal bars; LED lights F & R; fully-adjustable suspension F & R; but get ready for the price, the CRF450L MSRP is $10,400! Sure looks...
  2. Fire-medic

    ANother Yamaha but not a VMax-a 360 Enduro

    I've had this thing sitting, rusting-away, it was given to me. I tried to move it to to do some clean-up, and it was rusted so-badly that I couldn't roll it. One look at the rear wheel showed why it's incapable of movement. I removed the rear wheel, which required heat and penetrant lube-PB...
  3. outlaws justice

    Suzuki AMA National Enduro

    Anyone on the list in the Northeast also ride off-road? I willbe going over to Louden on June 10th to ride the AMA event there with a couple friends. Just looking to see if Anyone else will be around to ride as well. Should be a good time. I will be riding a 2004 Honda CRF250X, all I have left...