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  1. Fire-medic

    collect military equipment, become rich!

    Here's something I bet surprised the new owner: "Open my diesel tank for a big surprise!":eusa_dance::eusa_dance::punk::clapping::surprise::thumbs up: I hope it's true.
  2. lastwhiteman

    advanced military equipment

    India rolls out it's latest advanced APC/Rocket Launcher
  3. F

    What equipment do I need?

    I hate to start a thread just for this but I looked and I can not find the info I need. I have no doubt it is out there.. I simply cant find it. I have two parts I need to replace. My handle bars and my foot shifter. What size Allen wrench do I need to take the handle bar off? And the second...
  4. mikemax04

    Lawn and Garden Equipment Problems?

    I know a bit about dealing with and repairing lawn and garden equipment and if you're in need of a solution to a problem like "the darn mower won't start" and so on, ask away and perhaps I can be of help. I've attended the factory schools of Kohler, Briggs and Tecumseh. Rebuilt, re bored many...