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  1. R

    Or maybe it could come with this great new feature...

    Motorcycles to get speed limiters London England By Steve Farrell Politics & the law 19 September 2008 16:51 Motorcycles will be fitted with speed limiters linked to satellites to prevent them ever exceeding the limit under plans announced by Government. The devices could take...
  2. Buster Hymen

    New Feature On VmaxForum

    I've added an Arcade if users want to check it out. It is located beside the Gallery (which is still broken) button. Try it out as I want to see if it is going to suck too much bandwidth. :eusa_dance:
  3. firefly

    Do we have a poll feature in this forum?

    I can't find how to start a poll, is this feature turned off by default or restricted? It is a useful tool , I think firefly ________ digital vaporizers
  4. firefly

    Feature testing area

    :banned: :band: :angry flame devil: :banned: :smoke000: :band: :cheers00: :D :wacko000: Ok guys I just updated my windows xp and the smiles are working good.:band: Ibrahim ________ stock picks