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  1. G

    Machine the cylinder "fins" off?

    So, I'm building up my 83 Venture. Part of it is installing VMax cylinder heads. But I'm trying for a "stealth install", trying to keep it looking as much like a Venture as possible. It's pretty much an unmolested survivor (31,000 KMs/19,000 miles) and I'd like to keep that look, at least...
  2. Heretic

    Crazy Fins!

    Here are some pics that I found from the Vmax Club Finland and thought I would share them. I am not quite sure how or WHY someone got that max in the Bimmer, but it has to be the oddest pic of a Max that I have seen.
  3. mikemax04

    Cylinder Fins

    I'm sure some of you have seen some of the fins that are available from vendors for $150+ that don't even match the the curvature of those already on the engine because the CNC machine was not programmed for that arc. A friend of mine was boasting about the ones he bought for over $200. I took...