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  1. Lotsokids

    Ride Today With My Friend and My Old FJ 1200

    Took a short ride today with my buddy and the FJ 1200 I sold to him recently. It was strange, since I owned the FJ so long. I led the way, and when we returned to my house, my friend said, "MAN that thing sounds wicked!!! You seem happy with your V-Max" Yeah, I sure am. No too cold, and the...
  2. D

    Fj 1200 levers

    Will 86 - 92 FJ1200 non abs levers fit the first gen Max? I have seen some listings say they do, and others list either Vmax,or FJ only :confused2: I have also seen listings which state 85-87 FZ750, 87-88 FZR1000, 86-89 FJ1200 (not 1100 or ABS) and 85-07 V-Max as fitments for levers
  3. turbostang

    Fj1100/1200 Forks

    NE1 here ever tried these on the max? I think they should fit, and both bikes are about the same weight.