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  1. B

    Fixed STENTEN EFI up forsale....

    It is time to let my stenten 45mm EFI go becouse I am building turbo for my vmax. Comes with all you need to get it running, can be sold with power commander witch makes tuning very easy + possibility to add extras like quickshifter, auto tuner, display etc etc. make me an offer and we will...
  2. 4gasem

    D/W Holeshot cans forsale

    These cans have about 800 miles on them and are in nearly new condtion. There is a very slight mark where the strap attaches to the can which is covered when mounted. Otherwise they are like new and I have polished them with the polish Dale sells to do the job. I replaced with a different...
  3. D

    1985 Custom Chrome Vmax Forsale

    Blank .