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  1. N

    OK, another freakin problem

    I rode the bike around alot yesterday and parked it in the driveway after a good seafoaming. I went back out to get my girlfriend from work about 3 hours after and it didn't want to start at all. Just cranked and cranked but no glimmer of starting. I pulled the plugs and they were black, wet...
  2. D

    The freakin saga continues

    I ordered up the parts for the forks and am getting ready to go on vacation so I found a local Indy to do the front end while I'm gone. Went out to get on the bike to take it over to him. Hit the choke turned on the key bowls filled servo did it's thing hit the button spins but no start so I...
  3. Rusty McNeil

    I did three sisters in one day.....and a big freakin' rock

    I posted this up on Vmax Houston where perhaps it's more relevant but thought you guys would like to hear about it also... One hell of a trip... Michelle and I rolled into town last night (wed) about 10:00, drove straight thru from Ft Davis to Baytown-630 miles... The trip was great...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    Now this is a freakin' Pogo Stick!!!! To bad I'm in my 40's, I'd kill myself on this thing!