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  1. N

    My How TO: Wire up a VBoost On (stock functioning) and Fully open all the time switch

    So I like the vboost stock when cruising and conserving fuel. I enjoy my t-boost switch to activate it at 3000rpm instead of stock ~6000rpm sometimes also, But I REALLY like the always open option- unplugging the connector when the servo motor is at the right position so vboost is deactivated...
  2. Olds Guy

    "Functioning" Scoop

    I am making my left side scoop really a air scoop. With the factory air box gone, there is a lot of room to relocate the electrical from the left side up by the map sensor (I am calling it a map sensor as that is kind of how it functions). Since the V Boost is removed I do not need to keep the...
  3. N

    temp gauge not functioning

    ok so i havent had time with my new bike to really dig into it. i have a wire diagram but untill i can repair or replace the temp gauge how can i be sure my max is cool so i dont damage it. this is my first water cooled bike. on my car i could at least open up the radiator cap and see that water...
  4. firefly

    Need an old none functioning carburator

    Need an need ________ wholesale vaporizers