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  1. shawn kloker


    Just join!What do you have to loose?
  2. shawn kloker


    Hey all you guests!Don't be afraid to join and come on in!
  3. Robbarrie

    Guests Request !

    I'm making a request to all the guests, to become members. It doesn't take long and we always welcome new members, I always check to see who is online when I'm logged in and notice - many times there is more guests logged in than current members. Please feel free to bring up new topics and...
  4. shawn kloker


    I see almost everytime that I log in that their are 5-10 guests veiwing the forum.This is good but I would like to see these guests just join and add their own opinions and experience to our group.It can only benefit everybody.Guests can not post. I also think that every member should be on...