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  1. vmax2extreme

    VMOA.NET new host

    Hello fellow VMOA members, As you know from last September 2011, the VMOA launched their newly update website on a new host. Since then there has been numerous problems with the host causing unforeseen outages and sporadic slowness. I would like to say as of today, the website has been...
  2. Buster Hymen

    VMF can now host videos

    I finally got a script so that you can upload videos here and link/embed them in your message, like is currently done with YouTube. You can also upload pictures if you want to embed them in your thread too but I'd prefer to use it for videos. I've hit a bit of a snag with my host for encoding...
  3. Buster Hymen

    Web host for this forum has meltdown!!

    Some may have noticed that the VMaxForum was down almost the whole day today. Apparently where this site is hosted had a major HD melt down. They had a back up of everyone's site they host but as you can see the back up is a week old, :damn angry:so we lost about a weeks worth of posts. Also...