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  1. T

    Nuetral Shift Improvement

    So has anyone actually gained any neutral shift improvement by performing the shift adjustment shown in the Venture Service Handbook? It says it helps to take a vise grips and bend the shifter shaft spring tab. Should I try this on the Max? I experience a tough time locating it once the engine...
  2. Karmakatt

    Muscle Kit, Sound Improvement??

    I was wondering this and wanted to ask for a while now... I have Sean's Kit installed but there's a lot of work to be done before she's Dynoed and tuned. Should a Kit make a noticeable difference in sound? I was already running Jon's Slashcuts 4-2 which were already tuned and Jetted and she...
  3. Traumahawk

    Horsepower improvement with needle shim

    I know that there are several people on this forum that have shimmed the needles in their carbs. Does anyone know how much of a horsepower increase that they had? For instance putting the bike on the dyno before and after it was done? Or has it just helped the drivability? I have an 07 (with...
  4. firefly

    Are SS brake lines a significant improvement over stock

    Is it worth it to replace the stock brake lines with SS lines?