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  1. Bad_Max

    France gets Limited edition 2011 Vmax In 3 flavors yet!.. Vmax Red Demon Dark red and brown satin sheen magnesium, Vmax Orange Metallic available in orange satin highlighted in a brown band magnesium, Vmax Soft Brown finish Off-white and brown magnesium.
  2. R

    Limited time major discount offer!!

    50% off offer for members This is a limited time offer. It will end under a couple of conditions, a dealer/distributer purchases for sale, we run low on inventory, or we get to a certain number of sales. At this price we are not making any money so in exchange we are asking that...
  3. M

    Limited Edition Engine Badge

    Any one know what the limited edition engine badge is? IT Was supposed to come with the bike. I don't see anything on my 09 that says limited edition. Key holder? Anybody know if it serves a purpose or is it just supposed to impress the ladies when carried in your front pocket? Nobody at...
  4. firefly

    limited slip differential oil additives for slipping clutch

    We maxers tend to stay away from oil additives fearing that the clutch will slip but products made for limited slip differentials are made to prevent clutch slipping since these kinds of differentials have clutch plates in them. I thought this might be a useful thing to try if clutch slipping is...