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  1. Buster Hymen

    -> server down for maintenance <-

    The forum will be down ---- JULY 10TH AT 10 PM E.S.T. ---- for ABOUT 4 TO 6 HOURS for maintenance and disk mirroring. This should be the last major project on the server. Cache your favorite threads now and you can pretend the forum is still up! :rofl_200:
  2. Buster Hymen

    --> Attention Ontario riders! <--

    Who's going on this ride to Canton ( the pizza run) http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=9261 ? I want to get an idea of how many are going down.
  3. Buster Hymen

    -> Software upgrade coming up <-

    I want to upgrade the forum software which will mean some down time of the forum so I thought I'd see when would be the best time for some of you forum junkies so there is no withdrawl pains! LOL! :D It will probably be down for about 4 hours so I thought sometime just after Christmas, when you...