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  1. SpecOps13


    Minorities: NOT WHAT YOU THINK. We need to show more sympathy for these people. * They travel miles in the heat. * They risk their lives crossing a border. * They don't get paid enough wages. * They do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do. * They live in...
  2. NHVmaxpower

    Hows Maxine look?

    Just need to have the wheels powder coated over the winter & a few small things but shes mostly done. Hows she look. Oh dont mind my wife in the pic lol .Thanks to Sean this is a Gen 2 seat w/ orange Vmax logo & stitching. Also would like to thank Frank for doing my powder coating.
  3. clintard

    Did A Few Upgrades To Maxine This Weekend, With PICS

    Hey guys, glad to see the forums back online i was having emotional problems over it being down haha, Got back from work this weekend and put some new stuff on her, what do you think of the new look?? I put the pics in the Garage so heres a link...