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  1. Regular Guy

    To the mechanics on here - I salute you!

    In my short time owning my V-Max I have taken both wheels off, both fenders, the seat, the faux tank (the easiest thing obviously), both rotors and modified the brake light bracket to install an LED tail light. Reassembled it all and life was good. Recently, the clutch has become "the next...
  2. S

    Help! Mechanics messed up my bike?

    Earlier I had problems you guys identified as a failed starter clutch, correctly. I managed to get my bike started and took it up to the Yamaha dealership in Raleigh and they didn't call me back to tell me my bike was finished which made me a bit concerned. When I called today, they told...
  3. sdt354

    Help needed, from any mechanics

    I've got a situation driving me crazy. Short version, I opened up the brake system on a 2000 GMC pick up. Air got into the ABS pump and I've struggled trying to get a pedal. I've bled multiple bottle of brake fluid through it until no air was coming out of the bleeders.I've bled countless...
  4. Miles Long

    Question for the car mechanics -ABS failure

    Brothers and sisters The ABS braking feature recently failed on my '03 Protege 5. I don't miss it at all - in fact, I've disliked it since the day I bought the car. I know how to drive without locking up the brakes - I don't need this feature! My question- will the disabled ABS affect the...
  5. 1967vmax

    Any Car Mechanics Electrical Demons

    Ok im just about ready to torch my Daughters car i just bought her this year, shes 16 and the red Oldsmobile Achieva 3.1 aka Christine. Ok here is what it is doing car runs great,and this only happens when car is up to temp, you shut it off and it wont start,turns over but no power to the fuel...
  6. Redux

    Are mechanics in Japan Gorillas?

    Man o' man. I just got my OEM case guards to install. The left one went on smoothly. The right side had a bunch of torque installed (from the factory) on the higher of the two replacement bolts. The sheet said to torque the new bolt to 33 NM. No way the old one was that tight. I got it off but...