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  1. V

    gen 2 gp shift pattern

    Hi All, Im new out here but i have gone through quite a few posts! you guys really know your vmaxs! i saw a thread on doing the gen 1 shift pattern to gp style but want to know how its done on the gen 2 without buying a sato rearset. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  2. T

    How to oil a K&N, since the air filter has an inside -> out flow pattern?

    Some had previously installed a K&N in my '03 and ridiculously overoiled it. I pulled it, cleaned the airbox, and am going to re-oil the filter. Problem is, as far as I can tell, air flow goes from the inside of the filter to the outside. If I oil the outside of the filter, won't that...
  3. wildweasel_pt

    brake calipers hole pattern question

    Hi all Can anyone tell me the distance between mounting holes centers on a early vmax forks? The pre '90 40mm stanchion ones with double pot calipers. Thanks in advance. PS - I think its 83mm but im not sure
  4. B

    2001 vmax shift pattern???

    my gf just gave me a vmax 2001 i have no clue the shift pattern trying to figure out to get in neutral agn lol
  5. S

    Reverse shift pattern

    Is there any way to reverse the shift pattern on the max? It looks like it is impossible, but I would rather not have to switch back and forth. Suggestions? Thanks scratch