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  1. E

    Paying it forward. A positive L.E. experience

    Passing this on as a reminder to all of us to ride safely out there this summer. I purchased my low mile '06 Max from a Yammy dealer beginning of this year. Tags expired in 2009... but the dealer provided temp reg. showing all transfers etc. I just didn't have the current 2011 sticker or...
  2. Bill Kratzenberg

    Insurance! What are you paying?

    Wow $1300.00 a year... I pay $75.00 a year for my liability insurance. And that has never gone up since i bought my bike 4 years ago. That's a huge difference> glad i live in the states!
  3. V

    How much are you paying for bike insurance?

    At age 37 on a '96 max I'm paying $75 a year thru Progressive. Liability only 300K/100K limits. Gotta love that!:eusa_dance: What are guys with newer bikes/full coverage paying?