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  1. A

    Adding a pig tail for battery charger

    How hard is it to install a lead from battery to hook up a charger.
  2. badbrd

    pig trail Ozark Arkansas

    If you have never been there it is a place to see! We go there every year, and camp over night. From Kansas City we take a 250 mile senic route down 71 hwy to 59 , 16 ,23 and we are there. The Pig Trail is about 30 miles of winding back and forth, and up and downs. The view is awesome!! The...
  3. firefly

    what a pig

    I replaced my front radial 17 inch tire 120/70X17 with a 130/70X17 , WOW what a pig that tire is, it swallows bumps and man holes like they don't exist, it also corrects the " falling in the turn feeling" associated with the 17 inch front wheel conversion, on the free way the bike feels real...