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  1. J

    Trading places

    There is a group of young riders in town ages 16 to 20ish. Probably about 10 of them. They ride older 1970 and 1980 style bikes from 350 to 500cc. They have all personalized them in their own special way. They are funky rattle traps. Rattle can paint jobs, no windshields, and held together with...
  2. Akatora

    Exchanging the places of original speedo and tacho

    Hello, The Max design is often commented of having the speedo and tacho arrangements in inconvinient locations. This is true - particularly if rode often with hard acceleration (probably the case with most owners...) when RPMs are difficult to see. Anyway, there are certainly a lot of...
  3. Shuriken

    Places I get to ride...

    Yup, it was a fun ride.
  4. Robbarrie

    Anyone play guitar - Tabs places.

    I was just wondering if you play - where is your favorite place to get your tabs ? If you've never gone there check out 911TABS it's one that I really like. Keep rock'n:band: