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  1. SeaTownV-Max

    Morley's Hayabusa Brakes for Pre '93 V-Max

    Hey guys, much more, including some pics to follow on this but I wanted to let you all know I got my parts from Sean Morley for my brakes upgrade for my 1990 'Max. Sean sent the parts out last week, when he was still waiting for payment from me for the parts. That meant that by the time I...
  2. vmaxcruzer

    Pre load

    Anyone ever pop the top on your forks and find a 3-4 inch pre-load exposure? I took the top off a buddys forks last night and BOOOING! Funny thing was that the oil level was WAY LOW. Factory springs with home made spacers. He's getting my old progressive springs. Some people have just enough...
  3. R

    Pre 93 V-max in Vegas Area

    We are looking for a pre 93 V-Max to test fit and tune in the Las Vegas area. We would need the bike for about 4 hours.
  4. Shuriken

    85 Max - pre purchase - what to look out for?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but not to bikes. I have 5 other rides right now and some experience wrenching on them and other things. I've had my eye on the Max since the 90s and am in the process of buying an 85 model right now. I have owned various Yamaha XS11s and an XS650 as well...
  5. gleno

    How to make the 40mm (pre '93) front end handle (101)

    In recent weeks I have been putting the final touches on some handling mods to my ’88 model. That process started with researching and planning a year ago, asking lots of questions along the way. This post mostly deals with bringing a standard 40mm front end up to spec. I’ll do a separate...
  6. Z

    1999 Model Overheating - Important pre buy question

    Hi there. Test rode a 1999 max yesterday and the bloody thing was heating up like crazy. i live in dubai and the temperature right now is around 90 and goes up to about 120 in the summer. How does a vmax do in the hot? z