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  1. J

    2009 VMax acceleration problem??

    My 2009 Vmax has a 500-1000 RPM "dead spot" during acceleration starting around the 3-4k RPM area. I'm not really sure what it could be. I've been searching the forum and the only thing i can find similar are problems with the older carbureted vmax models. If anybody has any idea what could...
  2. Capt Trogdor

    Starting problem

    I recently bought a 96 and its been having some running issues lately. When i first bought it I had to replace the starter clutch almost immeadiately. At first i thought I wasnt starting because of a weak battery so installed a new battery. I was unable to find a flywheel puller that would...
  3. RaWarrior

    Baffling EFI problem

    Figured I'd toss this here and see if any of the smart fellers here have any ideas on what's going on. It's a 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125. Fuel injected single cylinder scooter. Been modified with a 155cc big bore kit, cam, and Bazzaz fuel tuner with wideband O2 self-tune module. After all the mods...
  4. Capt Trogdor

    Starting problem

    So i got a new to me 96 with roughly 30k miles on it. Found myself unable to start it the day after I bought it. The previous owner made a comment about how he just put a new battery but didnt charge it up. I check it sitting at 12.6 volts then drops down to about 8 while cranking. I got a...
  5. R

    Clutch slippage problem or transmission?

    backstory, a few weeks ago i though i noticed some "hiccupping" on hard acceleration in at least 2nd and 3rd gear....after reading through the forums I figured it was clutch slippage and decided to change the oil and do the double D modification.... had another clutch spring and added it to...
  6. M

    Draining battery problem

    Hello all, I am having an issue where something seems to be killing my battery while my 85 vmax is off. It also seems to not be charging while running. My initial guess is the R/R for the charging issue. Haven't had time to go through the test chart and verify it. But just looking to see if...
  7. lawman504

    Fazer FZX 700 throttle cable problem

    Hey guys, I know this is not a Vmax question but don't know where to turn for help. Awhile back I started my Fazer and the throttle was stuck wide open. After a closer look the outer part of the cable slipped out of its resting place that looks like a little barrel on the carb side that is...
  8. intruder

    Reserve /on problem

    Hi guys, My 1200 vmax has a fuel light/switch/sender problem, I have read a lot on the possibilities but thought I would get some real world wisdom. My fuel light is always on even with a full tank, If I switch to on with a full tank it dies as if its running out, It will only run on reserve...
  9. K

    Problem with low idle speed

    Can someone give me any hints, from where should I start, if motor running at speed ~1000-1500 rpm and making those strange puffing hedgehog noises (from 0:15)? Those hickups are coming from somewhere above the motor, below airfilter box.. Is there problem with carburetor seals between carb...
  10. A

    Suspected Starter Clutch but maybe that's not the problem.

    So about a little over a month ago I went to start up the 89 and got the box of marbles sound while cranking it over. She fired up and at idle had a small crunch or two as well. Killed it and figured the starter clutch may be bad. The bike has pretty low miles <28k but the starter switch stuck...
  11. S

    Starting problem and wet exhaust

    Hello, I am new here since I got the bike only a week ago (my dream bike!). And I got it for a fairly good price (even though had to drive 9 hours to get it). 1996's model, 143HP V-boost included. (28k miles) Maybe anyone could help me with these issues: 1. Sometimes it starts up...
  12. J

    Oil pressure problem

    My 93 will have good oil pressure on starup, following that "10psi per 1k rpm" rule, but one it's warmed up the pressure gauge will read 0 at idle and only ever hits around 30 at 8-9k. The oil is to the full line. I do plan on doing a change soon but would like to know if this is a typical problem
  13. Fire-medic

    get rid of your rat problem, no poison

    Rat infestation in your garage? Expensive, but worth it. $200. If you liked "No Country for Old Men," you'll love this!
  14. G

    Carb Syncing Problem

    So.. I had an issue with the carb sync. It mainly had to do with the vacuum on Cylinder #4. I'm having an issue that the sync just won't line up. I pulled the carbs to clean but found they were basically spotless on the inside, I still ended up rebuilding the #4 carb just because I was in...
  15. Z

    Vmax oil filter cap/ case fabrication problem

    Hey guys! A year or so ago I decided to get my first road bike. 1993 Vmax. The seller told me to check this site out if I ever needed anything. I'm new here, I may be looking in the wrong place. Nevertheless, I was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem I have. An object clipped the...
  16. effingidiot

    turn over problem.

    My 1994 vmax is back together now,i put everything in a new frame.I conected the battery,turned on the ignition i thought great i got lights.I pressed the start button i just wanted to see if it turned over,the bike turned over but not a full rotation then stopped.Now when i press the starter...
  17. R

    Engine inner resistance/starter clutch problem

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with one my friend's bike. He came to me complaining that his starter clutch is bad, I thought no problem...had few of them lying in my garage. After trying few combinations of starter clutches (original/heavy duty) I always get the same result, the motor...
  18. N

    COPS (Coli on Plug) in Australia

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Australia offers the COPS setup for Gen1 Vmax? My 88 max has been playing up lately... the usual kicking, bucking, surging etc.. Did the shotgun and rode it 2 weeks ago, it was running the best it ever has - so much so that at approx. 125km/h decided to...
  19. K

    I believe I may have a clutch problem.

    I have a bike that got too close to a forest fire, I have most of it put back together but I am finding neutral hard to find, it is easier to locate when it is rolling at 10 mph or so. I also find it almost impossible to push if it is off and in gear with the clutch lever pulled. Do you...
  20. M

    Guess the problem is world-wide

    Found this on a Singapore friend's facebook page