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  1. CaptainKyle

    2 latest projects

    I went & got 2 new projects last night sorry not Vmax & I ventured into the dark side again. I bought a 2001 Vulcan 750 which don't need much & I got a 1988 Harley FXR . I am not going to do much to the Kawasaki but the FXR will be repainted & tuned a little better. I have to get rid of tons of...
  2. Mike B

    Projects back on track

    My '92 project is back on track and the heavily modded M109R bodywork is back from paint. Exhausts are fitted and sound great, most electrics relocated. She lost over 20kg in weight. Upside down forks on the way..
  3. Specs95t

    Winter Projects?

    Ok, so I'm there with all of you who are sadly putting your VMaxes to bed for the winter. We all see the cold coming, and have heavy hearts about the many months that we must now wait until we can ride again. And yes, those of us stuck in the Northern parts of the country are completely...
  4. D

    I wish my projects went like this...
  5. J

    Need tips for the following projects...

    Hey all, this is only my second post here, only because everytime I get on here (daily) I am sooooo busy reading and the questions I do have are mostly answered somewhere on here... I did something stupid which will lead to some much needed vehicular luvin. I was putting a padlock on my rear...
  6. vmaxcruzer

    winter projects

    I'm jumping in with both feet on my winter projects, Seat is boxed and off to Sean tomorrow, bike is torn down to the engine, fuel tank, frame and steering neck. Front forks are getting serviced and Ricor intiminators installed this week, rear swing arm is off. Question: I'm having several...
  7. Bogie

    Who else is working on bike projects this weekend??

    I am in the process of tearing down the R1 to put on the Leo Vince Full System that arrives this coming Thursday. :punk: Stock exhaust of with the exception of the headers. Taking a break for lunch. Might just leave the headers on till the pipes get here.
  8. N

    Winter Projects

    Now that its getting close to get the bikes out, I was just curious to see what everyone is doing for their winter projects. I got my bike at the end of last year so I am catching the important tweaks first. Cartrige emulators and springs. EBC HH pads and braided lines. Corbin seat. Put...
  9. L

    Winter Projects

    I am making up a list of winter V-Max related projects. Foremost I want to Powder Coat the Frame. I found a place here that will do it for about $35.00 but I have to do all of the prep work. Sandblasting the will be the quickest to strip the old paint. Is there anything that I need to look...