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  1. T

    Stator Wiring

    I hope some one can help me. I have an 85. Recently my battery stopped charging. I am only getting 11.9 V at 2500 RPM. I have a spare Stator and Regulator which I am in the process of installing. How ever when I went to remove the regulator I noticed that there was no wire connector, the wires...
  2. Geek_Law

    Regulator/Rectifier Wiring - Need Advice

    Okay, I need some advice. My charging system was kaput. Took the bike into the dealer and for $100.00 they told me the regulator/rectifier was bad, and further that the stator was putting out low voltage. So I installed a new stator. Sean sent me a brand new regulator/rectifier. This is where...
  3. johnpclynch

    There goes my Regulator/Rectifier

    Parked up my bike after a short spin to the shop on Sunday, hopped off and headed for the door. I smelt something burning so I looked around to see which house it was coming from but was shocked to see that my bike was the source... And it was getting worse! :surprise: First I thought something...
  4. D

    regulator/rectifier problem

    ok....this MIGHT be a dumb question.....but here goes. The reg/ rectifier has 3 WHITE wires on it..... all look the same. I went back to the "original equip." one (had a big clunky fzr600 one on it when I bought the vmax) HOWEVER....the plug end from the alternator was cut off and wired...