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  1. Miles Long

    Sidestand shortening question

    Lads - just shortened mine by 1 1/2" , by cutting about 2" below the pivot point, taking out a section, and rewelding back together (also used a 5/16" threaded stud for extra security) No problem, straightforward modification. Of course now the OEM spring is too long. What I did was to remove...
  2. ninjaneer

    Hydraulic line shortening?

    So last year I upgraded my lines to SS. The slack in the clutch line and in the line from the master brake cylinder to the splitter wasn't too disconcerting back then, but now the slack is annoyingly unsightly. So I'm thinking of shortening them. Don't worry I'll leave some play, but right...
  3. E

    Exhaust can shortening?

    Hi folks: Any of y'all know a company/person I could hire to shorten my Holeshot mufflers? I have a 4-2 Holeshot system and I'd like to see if shortening the cans is an option. Thanks muchly. Elimax
  4. firefly

    Kick stand shortening danger

    I heard that when doing any welding (electrical) grounding the welder to the bike's frame can damage electrical components of the bike:a014: , I don't know if this is true or not and what kind of damage does it do. If anyone has more information about that subject please post it. Thanks