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  1. mattmullins

    any one use plug wires with strobe caps

    There's a guy on ebay selling these wires with strobe caps . No resisters in the caps do you need the resisters in the cap or is the guy full of crap, have you used these wires , any problems
  2. shicks16

    Spark plug wire strobe caps

    i ordered a set of taylor wires with strobe caps on e-Bay before i became a member of this forum and realized that cops would be the better way to go, so rather then having them go to waste i would like to use them, the e-Bay ad can be found here...
  3. firefly

    Putting strobe light in the stock turn signals

    I found and bought strips of strobe light that are ~ 2.5 inch in length and ~ a little more than 1/4 th of an inch, I checked the turn signals and it can accommodate two of these strobe lights. The question is how do I bypass the blinker unit and let it provide a continuous current when switched...