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  1. shawnlee

    super trapp slip-ons

    I have a set of black super trap slip ons 7 disk for sale 200.00. I also have the front exhaust pipes ,black, to go with it if needed. Asking 250.00 for set.
  2. joe4550

    super trapp problem

    hi guys i just got my hike back form the garage (with lots and lots of problems with it thanks to the fuck head mechanic at the place MEVER USEING THAT PLACE AGAIN) one of the many problems id the end of the baffle seems to be coming out now like its been yanked out how can i fix this or do...
  3. mabchewy

    Super Trapp discs

    Anyone have any Super Trapp discs they want to get rid of?
  4. G

    Super Trapp

    I have posted a wanted add for a set of slip-ons in the wanted board. Shoot me a PM if you have any available. Thanks Tom
  5. mabchewy

    Super Trapp slip-ons

    Would it be necessary to run a stage 1 jet kit with the slip -ons, K&N, and T-boost?