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  1. gleno

    Unidentified component in wiring harness

    WTFIT:ummm: I have been rebuilding/repainting my 1988 Canadian import. While trying to isolate a vboost problem I found this unidentifiable component lashed into the wiring harness. It connectes to the green wire and the blue/white wire. Both these wires have multiple reconnections to other...
  2. SpecOps13

    Shiny Metal, Unidentified Flying Object From My Stator

    I was working at fixing a Stator Cover Leak on my 89. I had all the gasket removed and was using compressed air to blow the remnants out before installing a new gasket. This shiny stainless steel, piece of metal came flying out during the process of blowing the crap out of the cover. Anybody...
  3. Fenix

    Unidentified wire

    Hey there, bought my first vmax this winter, and just went to put the battery in and I noticed a wire, and I want to figure out what to do with it before I go any further. There is a black wire, running down (plastic zip tied to) the left (clutch handle side) frame tube and ends, stripped, right...