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Mar 11, 2021
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after the long winter my 1985 V-Max was running rough so I decided to open the air box, remove the filter then spray a bit of carb spray down the jets and then blew a bit of air into the jets also as I seen this done on you tube but now it runs funny and actually pops on deceleration like something went wrong in the carbs, does anyone have any suggestion on a fix?
You can try the 'Shotgun' carburetor cleaning method, search on-here for the directions.

If that doesn't work, you may need to pull the rack of carbs, and get down to the jet blocks, and remove those, to clean the pilot jets. They're the smallest passageway in the carburetor circuits. A stripping to their component parts and then an ultrasonic bath is the best bet for fixing your issues. Sitting for months ethanol without some sort of fuel stabilizer will often result in clogged pilot jets and other circuits.

Search for:
carb cleaning

and do some reading. Then come back here and inform the members what you learned, and how you're going to proceed.
You could try putting half a bottle of Redex in the petrol tank and running it through for 100miles to see if it cleans it . If not then the carbs will have to come out.