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  • Hi Patmax, I have not been by this wk to check on progress. Last wk he was waiting on some gaskets but had everything else. Today or tomorrow I will see what is up. Next wk is Spring Break so hopefully I can get it done then, in the bike.
    Any update on your motor rebuild? I'm starting to feel the heat to get my 90" remodel/clean up project now that 82nd Cowboy has posted the Bikeweek itinerary!
    Hey I am no production wizard! I keep eyeballing the HERO camera my local shop has for $200 which is quite a discount from the usual price. They look like fun, but the P.D. will want to grab it as 'evidence' if they see it. Plus, if you shoot so they can see your speedo going north of 160, "good-bye license!" I used to get so anxious waiting for spring when I lived in SW MI, I used to try my dirtbike on the lake we lived next to, between Battle Creek & Kzoo. No spikes, it was hard to stay upright. A few bone-jarring crashes on unyielding ice was enough reason to shut it down until spring.
    Also when the sceen went black on my vidio's it was from be trying to cover the mic on my phone so i could get a true sound and not a broke up mic sound. Dont worry us michigan boys will have alot of vidio coming in the spring. I will try to do my best but im not that great at it.
    Yeah, I tried to order a bunch of vintage stuff from them and every single thing I paid-for was 'no-longer available.' The website showed it all listed though.
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