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Sep 18, 2019 at 7:59 PM
Apr 6, 2006
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Jun 2, 1970 (Age: 49)
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Sep 18, 2019 at 7:59 PM
    1. putin
      Sean, do you have set of head gaskets vmax 2007 for sale? And rubber washers.
    2. GPrider
      Sean, I sent you a email today and it came back undelivered. Old email? ( Had some questions I wanted to ask. I suppose I could do it here, but I used to email you. Let me know.
    3. Clifton Jewell
      Clifton Jewell
      I have a humming noise coming from shaft side of bike when I let off the gas but not when I'm accelerating somewhat sounds like a winding some like a bearing just wondering if you may know off your hand from experience what it could be thank you
    4. stinkybutt
      Sean; Not sure how this works. I need to purchase two fork tops for my 2004 V-max. I also would like to purchase aftermarket front springs to stop brake dive. Any help would greatly help me getting my riding season back on track.
      Thank You.
    5. Clifton Jewell
      Clifton Jewell
      Clutch questions.
    6. Clifton Jewell
      Clifton Jewell
      i recieved my BARNETT .clutch kit and the steel plates are smooth. my stock ones have dimples is it ok to install the smooth ones. also friction plates do not have notches in ears i assume those are ok to install as is.
    7. Clifton Jewell
    8. TBrooks47
      Hello Sean, I’m a new member. After owning two different daily riders Yamaha FJ 1100’s over the last 30 years I got a 06 Vmax last year, the bike I’ve wanted since seeing the first one on the dealer floor in 85.
      I want to put progressive fork springs in.
      I’m a bigger guy if that matters.
      Do you have something
      available and how much?
    9. Hemi52rb
      does the vmax 1700 have a flateplane or crossplane crankshaft i think i read somewhere that it had a flatplane crankshaft.
    10. yamamax664
      Hi Sean this is Keith from Hays, Ks. Was wanting to know if you had a new pickup coil part # 3UF-81670-00-00 for my 1991 Vmax. I think I will also need the middle cover gasket and the crankcase cover gasket to replace the pickup coil. If you have these parts what would the total cost be shipped to Hays? If you want to just call me my cell phone # is 785-656-3580. Thanks Keith
    11. Clifton Jewell
      Clifton Jewell
      Hello I'm new on here I need some help just can't figure out how to get an answer or ask a question on this form
    12. aquaant03
      Hi all
      I'm new to the forum.
      I've just bought a nice 1989 Japanese import
      After charging the battery, draining and refreshing the fuel, it started 1st time, but was very hesitant when the choke was turned off.
      It stalled then would not start again.
      I left it till the next day and tried again, it started 1st time, but again when warm it stalled and wouldn't start.
      Have you guys any idea why?
    13. MAXXMAN93-4301
      I'm an auto tech and I really don't like working on auto ring and I'm inclined to replace the unit.
      I have a 190/50r17 rear
      Would you suggest a different ratio unit?
    14. Binas
      Hi one2dmax
      i own a 2004 Vmax 1200 fullpower and sadly rode it with low coolant, and overheated. Now, she's leaking coolant from the right front cylinder head, and when it's idling, will spill most of the coolant after a few minutes.
      Do you have any idea what might be damaged inside the engine, what new parts i'll need and how much it will cost me to fix it?
      It still starts and rides without noticing any power loss.
      Did I see one the forum somewhere that you are a source for chrome intake scoops that will fit my 1986 Vmax?
    16. Bill Seward
      Bill Seward
      Sean, you got a used fuel pump? The Pump I got for the Roadie died. I think a Max pump will fit. I'm assuming that the pumps deliver the same pressure. Any idea what that might be? I can get a 3 to 5 pound pump locally. The pump I put in wont start up, till I give it a tap with a screwdriver. It then fills the bowl, and shuts off. But it won't run to keep the bowl filled as it uses the gas, and runs out. Another tap, it starts clicking and refills the bowl. I think there is something sticking in the points in the pump. Any idea if this is repairable? Most of these pumps seem to be about the same size, it wouldn't have to be a Max pump. The pump is wired directly from the battery positive, grounded to battery negative, and controlled by a relay, switched by the ignition. I am getting good power to the relay, and the wires to pump and ground from pump to battery are PosiLock connected. Wiggling them does'nt get the pump working, so I'm thinking it definitely is a defect in the pump.
    17. one2dmax
      Thanks for the message. Hopefully we got you the info you were looking for in our emails. (always best to email me)
    18. JUNNY
      looking to get a raked frame, what options do you have
    19. speedcostsmoney
      hi sean do you have a stock tool kit bag for sale
    20. one2dmax
      Got your message too. Always best to email me at
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