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Apr 25, 2019 at 6:12 AM
Apr 6, 2006
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Jun 2, 1970 (Age: 48)
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Derby Kansas
Aviation Structures Mechanic

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Apr 25, 2019 at 6:12 AM
    1. one2dmax
      I do have valve shim kit loaners as well as electrical loaner kits. Email me with year of the bike and issues you're having so I can get a kit put together. Don't forget your address.

    2. mavgrab302
      If I recall you have a program of exchanges with a kit, I took advantage of it few years back. If you see my latest post you'll see I'm having an issue I believe with my charging and engine missing at cruise not WOT though. I have long since lost your phone number so I guess just give me a shout through here or
    3. one2dmax
      typical turn around is 3-5 weeks. We usually work one of our cores and simply trade you out (so you don't have downtime). Checks or paypal works fine too. Email me directly if you would.
    4. thetank
      how long does it take to get a seat modified...i want the works but black on black and rear seat too...and how do you do the i pay for it then send mine for a core before? i prefer after so i can ride it lol...and what payment method do you prefer?
    5. one2dmax
      I am not sure? I haven't tried many of them myself and would be best bet to ask their tech line. I will say you may even want to look at the Penske's we sell. I know the customer on that first set is incredibly happy with their performance so far and they are very adjustable.

    6. Rollie
      Hi Sean,

      Looking at some 14 1/2 " Ohlins rear shocks with reservoir. Currently running 12 1/2 " Progressives . Will these shocks compress to 12 1/2 " - 13 " and still give good suspension valving / compression ? Is there a model # I should ask about ?


    7. magna_dude74
      Hi Sean, to be honest I have no real modification/ fabrication skills. Perhaps we will work something out on the next upgrade. Take care and ride safe my friend!!!
    8. one2dmax
      Looking at $100 but it's not got any of the "extra's" he lists. Not sure what he specifially does to the unit or what it will need. It looks like it should bolt on fairly easily though if you have some fab abilities.
    9. magna_dude74
      Hey Sean how much for your LED tail light that is like SCOOBYVAN on EBay ?
    10. one2dmax
      Shim the needles will probably help but as we discussed in the email i would go larger on the mains.
    11. Hershell Weaver
      Hershell Weaver
      Hi Sean, I've got the Max running pretty strong to redline at wot. I decided to see if there were any issues through the throttle range and found that there is a considerable miss or stumble between 5500-7000 rpms although it will jump over it at wot. I've got stage 7 springs, stock needles, stock paj 1 and 2, 155 mikuni mains , and air correctors. I have my own version of your air box lid along with UFO 4 into 2 pipes. The idle screws are set to smoothest rpm ( 2 to 2-1/4 ). It's about 60* and no humidity out today and I'm at sea level. Do you think I need to go up on the mains or shim the needles a bit or a little of both. Thanks Hershell Weaver
    12. one2dmax
      We normally don't recommend a 6" rim though it can be done. Only so much notch work is available so what generally happens is the wheel is shoved off center to the right to get room for the wheel (same with the 210 tires).

      So, that's why I don't bother doing any "double notch" arms since it is a defeat to the purpose.
    13. phfr78
      Hey Sean

      Do you notched stock swing arms to accept tire size of 200 or 210...on a 6" rim ? and is a setup do you recommend ?

      Phillip[FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][/FONT]
    14. one2dmax
      Got one set aside for Ryan to weld up when he comes out Wed. So, you can swing by and pick it up once it cools lol!

    15. silverdevil
      Sean it is mike, You wanted me to email you about the lowered kickstand. If you have it Wed, I an run by and get it.
    16. one2dmax
      Hello guys! I am not sure I have a used mini screen around at the moment. I do get them from time to time and think I can possibly get a NOS one still (though they are not super cheap). I sold the last used one for $120 plus shipping a few weeks ago.

      I am not sure I got any email from the shim loaner kit too? I wonder if I am having some issues with that?

      Either way please email me directly
    17. VmaxRider85
      hey sean another member said you are a vendor and might have a mini windshield laying around ? i own an 85 looking for a black tint mini windshield
    18. schudaddie
      sean , did you get my message question on your morley muscle website concerning your shim loaner kit and the additional parts I'll need to do my 85 max?
      thanks in advance, bill
    19. one2dmax
      It is a complete trans. I will get you a PM in just a second.
    20. t3ttp
      undercut transmission that you are selling, does it include the 2nd and 5th gear?
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