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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Just a quick update on the situation: Thanks to everyone who replied to my question, and especially Sean Morley for the invaluable advice. Just collected my Vmax from the local workshop, it is now fitted with brand new Delkevic front downpipes and thermostat housing, assembly, drain valve and...
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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Thanks for the advice! I'll keep an eye on that one then... I'm planning a carb clean and balancing, and since the carbs have to be taken off I'll fix this as well. When it stops snowing.
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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Will the milky colour be visible on the oil level visor glass? Because I check it regularly and it's always been black.
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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Here is a picture of the leak. It's really hard to see, it only leaks a little when it's been standing for 1-2 weeks.
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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Any idea how long it may last? Will it be ok to ride for a few months? I just ordered front downpipes, complete thermostat assembly, drain valve and elbow pipe with all the seals and nuts. And now this??? :ummm: :bang head:
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    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Apparently coolant is leaking from the crankcase breather housing. If I ride like this, is it possible for air and oil to mix in there somehow?
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    Digital Compass and Clock/Temp Instruments with backlight and external buttons

    To those who do not know me, I am Momchil or shortly ?M?. I am probably the youngest in the Vmax Club UK, a Vmax enthusiast and I love custom made stuff. Digital compass on a bike? Reality or myth? It is considered that implementing digital compass technology on a motorcycle is fairly...
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    Brembo Brakes for the 88 Max

    I have the same brakes, but I used Brembo Silverline 4-pot calipers off a Ducati 999. Amazing improvement! I recommend them to everyone with an early Vmax!
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    Muscle R1 front end

    I would like a set of chromed adapters ASAP, please send me a PM. Just to clarify, I have measured the R1 forks I intend to use - 50mm at the top, 54mm at the bottom, and my Vmax is the early (40mm fork) version. However I have installed R1 brakes (and rotors) and I'd like to keep the wheel too...
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    I just sent you a PM

    I just sent you a PM
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    Muscle R1 front end

    Hello, do you still produce the adapters and how much for a set shipped to UK? Is the R1 lower triple straight bolt on to the Vmax stem? Thank you!