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  1. KJShover

    !00's show up to protest global warming

  2. E

    00 V-Max dyno run

    I finally got my Max dynoed :punk: Mods (engine): Doma Racing cans K&N air filter Dyno jetting Results: 117,5bhp @ 8707 81,05Ft/lb @ 6306 It runs a bit rich (14 - 14,5:1) so I might drop MJ a size or two or increase air flow somehow. This should bring bhp up to 120 :punk: ER
  3. 9

    98 vmax vs 00 gsx-r 600

    My friends girlfriend has a gsxr 600 he says he will smoke me on my stock 98 vmax. I doubt it, any one ever race a 600? I was talking to someone about their max and they said they rarley get beat on the streets, they said bikes like the gixxer 1k and 999xx beat him on long straits but he said "...