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  1. C

    Accessory part numbers for gen 1

    I am going to pull the trigger SOON and re-enter the ownership experience with a Gen 1 max and needed some help. When I had my 1985 originally I outfitted it with the Yamaha OEM accessory Flyscreen and Case guards. I have made efforts to find these accessories (sissy bar, Flyscreen and...
  2. 88vmx12

    Your Vmax accessory control center!

    Ok guys this all started from that Damn Garage door opener thing! :bang head: Ok Most of us have accessories on our bike i.e. fan override , accent lighting , Ipod charging circuit etc. Ok if this works like I think it will, I will make these with up to 5 buttons maximum. Each circuit should...
  3. M

    Hmmmm what other accessory can I mount on my handlebars ...

    Not sure if I'm more surprised that they even make this or the fact that they're out of stock . Sure to get attrntion mounted on you handle bar Max
  4. C

    Yamaha Accessory Performance Exhaust

    When I bought my Max new in '03 I installed the Yamaha brand performance exhaust system and since then I've never seen another Max with them on it. I was just curious does anyone else have this system on their bike. Thanks, John
  5. bikedave99

    Sweet Accessory Switch Option!

    So, there are no nice low profile switches made for motorcycles that don't add to the clutter. That is unless you have a full dresser or a sportbike with lots of plastic hide stuff in/under. I have found one nice switch actually, I believe from Pingel but it is $$$$$. Anyway, found this sweet...
  6. S

    Accessory Frt Turn Signals

    I have to change my front signal lites due to the style of windshield I have. If I buy the smaller units listed on ebay will I have to put on a load equalizer even though the rear signals are OEM? If so, what specs does the equalizer require. Thanks for the help.
  7. firefly

    accessory switch

    I love this slim Pingel switch, its probably expensive but could be easily made out of plastic and radio shack mini switches embedded in the plastic.