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  1. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics

    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be traveling to Colorado in June to teach both ARC Level I and ARC Level II. The Date is June 15th. The venue will be at the Pikes Peak International Raceway (No not on the track). The event is following the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association...
  2. lastwhiteman

    advanced military equipment

    India rolls out it's latest advanced APC/Rocket Launcher
  3. outlaws justice

    Advanced Rider Training, Why dont you take it?

    In my Free time I teach all types of motorsports at many levels, Dirt, Street, Track etc. I have been involved in Motorsports Education for 20 years and over the years I have noticed it has always been very difficult to get riders to participate or take any type of training once they learn how...
  4. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clininc

    The Last scheduled Classes for for the GTA this year are coming up this weekend. Last I checked there are still a couple spots open so get your name on the list! You can Sign up over at the Sharp Rider site If you want more information...
  5. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic

    I have Offered Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics in Nashville Tenn. twice with the help and support of the Nashville riders. We are scheduled to be back in Nashville again to offer classes, one on March 31st and another on April 1st. You can sign up or get details over at...
  6. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced riding Clinic

    I teach a class here in the states that teaches people proper cornering technique. The right way to hang off the bike and set of for corners. It is a parking lot class with a lot of practice in getting it right and by the end of class most of the students (No matter what they are riding) have...
  7. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced riding clinic

    I just spent two days with Lee Parks the founder and owner of the total control Riding schools. Man waht a difference a couple days makes!!! I was cranking thru the turns, knee draggin and Pegs scrappin, Was an awsome experience, I can flop that new bike in like magic and get thru a turn like...