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  1. B

    93 vmax w/ upgrades Birmingham Al

    Sold 1993 vmax 43k Progressive springs 2" drop Progressive 412. 11.5"rear DD clutch mod Micro machinev boost programable controller w / light Led taillight and tag holder Brake light led reflector at grab bar 4 to 2 to 1 Kerker exhaust with cut down can 10" (very load) Jetted...
  2. B

    New job /moving to Birmingham Al

    I took a new job in Birmingham AL. Any maxers out there ? I'll be moving out there soon ,I don't know anyone in the area and what better place to start .
  3. johnblaid

    Academy Nominees, Al Sharpton Speaks

    This year, all 20 best actor nominees are white. I believe they said that this also happened in 1992 and again at some earlier year. Not exactly a trend IMHO. Al Sharpton says " "Selma" (the movie) has been largely ignored by whites and by the Academy. And at the Academy, the further up the...
  4. 0

    Need good tuner in west Ga or East Al.

    I added Marks 4-2 exhaust and Sean Morley's carb kit to my 06 Vmax. I had Marietta Motor Sports install and tune the carb kit but the best they could do was 1hp and 3fp of torque over the stock HP. That's a very small gain for the $1500.00 I have invested in the exhaust, carb kit and labor for...
  5. JTidwell44

    Vmax with aftermarket exhaust near Birmingham, AL

    I'm planning on buying an aftermarket exhaust and I want to hear some with my own ears rather than just on video before I buy. I'm leaning heavily toward UFO but I want to be sure. So I was curious if there was anyone in the area with diffrent aftermarket exhausts so I could make a decision.
  6. carbonvmax

    Roll call Birmingham AL

    The neanderpaul loopty loop tour hits Birmingham Alabama on Monday April 20th Crestwood Coffee company 5512 Crestwood Blvd Birmingham, AL 35212 (205) 595-0300‎ I'd love to meet some fellow VMAX nuts! I fully intend to rock the house.
  7. Waylander

    Weird Al does it again!

    Gotta love this guy. And he's a better rapper than most of the gangster wanabe because he doesn't need to change the pronunciation of words to make them rhyme. And for comparison, the originaly song: