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  1. Fire-medic

    AMA Museum bikes

    Here's a database of AMA Museum bikes on-display at one time or another. Some great reading if you, like me, just like to pore-over info about these old rides. Some real oddballs, race bikes, and just plain rare production bikes...
  2. a113ycat

    AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid-Ohio

    I leave Sunday to start my trip to the Mid-Ohio sports track. Is anyone on this forum going this year??? I sure would like to put some faces to the names. I will be at the event from Thursday morning til Sunday night, we have 3 vendor spots in the swap meet area that I will be staying at with my...
  3. 95spfldmax

    AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio

    OK. Now that Thunder is winding down the next event up I believe is the AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio............... The countdown is just over 3 weeks. The wife & I are leaving here on 7/18 and checking in on 7/19 so I can enjoy the event bright and early starting Friday morning. I already...
  4. H

    Early AMA Production Superbikes.

    A passion of mine. I just posted a thread about finding early superbike forums, and realized that I have a rather large pile of pretty good pics from that era. Thought I'd share some with the membership here ... :biglaugh: 1977 to about 1983 is my favorite era for Superbike Racing bikes. It...
  5. Nobody

    AMA Dragbike will cease operations indefinitely

    Effectively immediately, AMA Dragbike will cease operations indefinitely. Regretfully, today?s economic climate, rising costs and decreasing revenue makes it fiscally irresponsible to continue doing business. The final details are being worked out at this time. "Motorcycle Drag Racing has...

    World Finals AMA Dragracing

    Hi All If anyones interested... they will be live streaming the finals all weekend here. FINALS LIVE WEEKEND SCHEDULE
  7. outlaws justice

    Suzuki AMA National Enduro

    Anyone on the list in the Northeast also ride off-road? I willbe going over to Louden on June 10th to ride the AMA event there with a couple friends. Just looking to see if Anyone else will be around to ride as well. Should be a good time. I will be riding a 2004 Honda CRF250X, all I have left...