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  1. poppop

    lost audio

    Hey all need a lil help.Ive lost audio on internet explorer,Also have google chrome .audio is fine on it.Lil help please .Thank you in advance.Poppop.
  2. VMAX1260

    The best audio visual live ever

    except from job... i am also a Dj , i was always telling that the visual is the half of Djing. i run into these live from Daft Punk. and i couldnt believe it THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO's
  3. RaWarrior

    Advice on bike audio?

    I never used to listen to music on the bike, but I really do enjoy tunes on long trips in the car and find it helps time pass quicker(and take my mind off the stock seat). I originally tried riding with just regular earbuds. They almost always fell out when putting my helmet on, and if not then...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    Audio and Intercomm makers?

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently looking at driver to passenger intercomm, helmet headsets and hopefully a system that has the capability to not only pass thru an MP3 signal but to amplify it as well. J & M and Chatterbox both make systems that do this (the...