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  1. Collectandcalm2

    Grab bar or sissy bar wanted

    Looking for oem sissy bar or grab bar for '93 Vmax. Thanks, Sam Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. S

    Looking for OEM grab bar

    I'm looking for an OEM grab bar for a gen 1 vmax.
  3. jdeitz1979

    Gen 1 backrest- grab bar?

    Is there a piece (grab bar) like that can bolt in place of the backrest when you choose not to use that? And.... if so, does anyone have one they want to get rid of? Sorry for the double post, other is in for sale instead of parts wanted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jdeitz1979

    Gen 1 stock backrest-grab bar?

    Is there a piece (grab bar) like that can bolt in place of the backrest when you choose not to use that? And.... if so, does anyone have one they want to get rid of? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. TBrooks47

    Grab bar

    06 Max Looking for stock short grab bar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. A

    Rear grab bar

    Does anyone have a rear grab bar? My bike came with the factory back rest which I want to keep but when I'm not riding with my wife I want to swap out to the factory grab bar. Paint condition does not matter because I will powder coat it. PM me if you have one for a good price. Thanks
  7. P

    Gen 2 Bar risers?

    Does anyone know where I can get Bar riser for my Gen 2 ?
  8. F

    hwy pegs , sissy bar , storage hole

    old owner had supercharged this bike leaving a hole above the carbs so made a plate now got a storage hole just put on some hwy pegs (some old harley ones) for the long trips and sissy bar to stop the misses flying off the back just thought i share it with you all going to set this bike up...
  9. 2

    WTB: Rear VMAX Grab Bar

    Looking for VMax grab bar. Let me know what you have and your model it is from. PM me with your location and asking price shipped to my door in U.S.
  10. B

    Stock grab bar

    Hey guys, had a look on the for sale side and couldn't find anything current, but I'm looking for a stock rear grab bar to replace the hideous sissy bar that the bike came with. If you have one lying around, shoot me a PM! Thanks a bunch. BiggLagg
  11. P

    Stupid newbie antics - Sissy bar removal

    Hi. I just got a 1999 Vmax from a local dealer yesterday. Everything on the bike was just right - EXCEPT for the huge sissy bar. The damn thing just kills 50% of what the bike is supposed to be, to me at least. For solo riding I'd like to be without it - and pop it on again for occasional...
  12. K

    Need rear grab bar for 1985

    Looking for one of these to replace the sissy bar on my 1985:
  13. K

    Looking for grab bar that will fit 1985

    Sorry if not allowed to post things you are looking for! Was not sure. Looking for one of these to replace sissy bar on my 1985:
  14. Y

    Removal of bar ends with no Allen screw?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove these bar ends? There is no screw at all to remove.
  15. A

    1986 sissy bar (back rest)

    Want to sell or trade for the normal one. Don't like this look. Any one interested shot me an offer.

    Is there a sissy bar delete.....97 vmax

    i just purchased my first vmax sun. by looking at it it doesnt look removeable but if it does can someone point me in the right direction. short of sawing it off I would like to remove & replace with a typical low seat level grab handle. is this difficult to do ?
  17. A

    OEM Sissy bar -SOLD-

    I have a sissy bar and pad powder coated satin black 300.00 shipped
  18. blyoth

    crash bar or highway pegs?

    I recently purchased an 04 that came with some accessories. I assume this is some kind of crash bar or something. It's quit comfortable to put your feet on except it's slick. Has anyone ever modified one of these by adding something to keep your feet from slipping off?
  19. henrysgmc

    Stock Bar Ends

    Looking for a set of OEM Bar Ends.
  20. rusty

    Sissy bar back rest

    Here's a great deal if any body is intrested---->