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  1. N

    Beautiful Work by Sandy Kosman

    Got my wheel back from Sandy Kosman who modified it to accept a radial. The welds are "flawless", according to Norm at Rochester Motorsports. Norm is mounting Michelin Pilot Road 4's with a 180/55/17 on the rear. He thinks that a 190 MIGHT fit but based on his measurements of the wheel and...
  2. CrackerRican

    Bummer to a beautiful day

    What beautiful day in central Florida for riding today. Then I got some bad gas it clogged my fuel filter & got into the pump. I got the filter cleaned out but no luck with the pump until I get home. Waiting on a friend that has a trailer to pick me up in Orlando about 1 1/2 hour from home, but...
  3. C

    Beautiful day for a ride!

    Ok well maybe not so much. But I did get the ZX14 all put together finally, and rode around the parking lot on Saturday just to make sure things were good. So today it was nice enough, roads dry enough and sun was out and we hit 51 degrees out! Heat wave, time for bathing suits and flip...
  4. acammer

    For those in search of a beautiful low miles max...

    ... I give you a 2005 Anniversary with 900 miles on it: Looks to be pristene, and just about new. If somebody non-local is seriously interested, I'd be happy to inspect the bike first hand. Good think I didn't see that when I was shopping, I...
  5. diggerzmound

    Beautiful Wheel!

    I just had to share this auction with you guys.
  6. firefly

    The ugly rocket III Vs the beautiful Max

    An old article but worth reading. enjoy:bicycle: :nyah nyah: :argue000: ________ smoke kills