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  1. eggohead

    Colonial Beach Bikefest

    Trying to get a group together, large or small it doesn't matter. I hope to up but there on the 11th, possibly the 12 and the 13 if the weather holds out... I even took a day off. So if you in the area look it up.. No I am not camping out or staying...
  2. eggohead

    Colonial Beach Bikefest

    The dates for the 2nd Annual Bikefest: October 8 - 11, 2015! Read more: If you not too far away come here and meet up with some VA riders.... I went last year.
  3. vmax2extreme

    Carlisle PA BIKEFEST July 21

    Ok, I am rounding up the DC Metro riders to head up to the annual Carlisle, PA BIKEFEST. More info at the link below. I've always wanted to go to this since its a huge event!!! Please let me know if your game to ride up with us or meet up...
  4. T

    Raleigh, NC: Capital City Bikefest 9/22

    Anybody close to the area wanting to ride up there let me know. I usually am the only VMAX at these events ;) But it's awesome how everybody wants to talk about a Vmax everytime I enter the mix.
  5. Heretic

    Lake of the Ozarks BikeFest If anyone is interested or planning on going let me know. Would like to meet up with some fellow V-Max riders there.
  6. richwrench

    Palm Harbor Bikefest

    Here's a pretty cool event in west central FL if anybody's interested - - I'll have venison Italian sausage on the grill & cold ones in the fridge for anyone who makes the journey.
  7. 82ndCowboy

    Was Anyone at The Sanford FL Bikefest?

    I was there around 3:30 to 6 and saw an 06 Max. Looked pretty much stock with about 4000 miles on it. I didn't get to meet who was riding it.
  8. 82ndCowboy

    Leesburg, FL Bikefest April 27-29 2007

    I'm going to see The Monsters and Quiet Riot on Saturday. I may go Sunday also. Anyone else interested in going? here's a link:
  9. Sluggo

    Leesburg Florida Bikefest

    The last weekend of the month is Leesburg. It's a bit smaller than Daytona bike week but to me more laid back and fun. Walt Bishop is getting a group together in Orlando or Deltona t ride over if any interest.. sluggo
  10. Sluggo

    Leesburg Florida bikefest April 28, 29, 30, 2006