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  1. Fire-medic

    brake bleeder syringe to make

    Here's a brake bleeder syringe you can make from easily-obtained parts. What you need: a large capacity syringe, I think the bigger the better. 60 ml medical syringe or a 1-1/2 fluid oz (approximately) general purpose syringe. For this, I used a syringe used for injecting juices into a...
  2. toddo

    Bleeder adapter

    I bought a power bleeder for doing the brakes on my truck and wanted to also use it for the clutch on the Vmax. Seems only Harley adapters are available. So I made my own. Now I can bleed my clutch and have fresh fluid in there.:biglaugh:
  3. timscues

    Broken Bleeder

    Anybody use one of the harley type bleeder repair kits to helicoil in a new fitting. I hace a Buse caliper and the goodrich speed bleeder broke off in the dam caliper?
  4. NHVmaxpower

    the perfect bleeder

    My wife asked if I could use her Food Saver vacuum sealer for anything she was going to throw it away. He'll ya the perfect bleeder for brakes,clutch. Just hook up hose to bleeder from vacume hit the on switch and wola perfect bleeder in seconds. So if your wife has one she don't use grab it...
  5. firefly

    Bleeder Screw Protective Cap

    Does anyone know were to find Bleeder Screw Protective Caps, the ones on the bike have deteriorated and cracked, are they available at local auto parts stores? Thanks ________ Ford XW Falcon history